Rewards of pay per click advertising

Pay per click advertising has been a great source of income for many webmasters as many web browsers have managed to earn humongous profits through it. Benefits of pay per click advertising are not only restricted to the online marketer posting the advertisement, but also to other web owners who decide to publish these advertisements. Nevertheless, there have been lot of discussions in hindsight too regarding pay per click advertising because a lot of webmasters have claimed heavy losses incurred through this mode of advertising . Well, in this case the only justification is if a webmaster is not well versed in the marketing strategy, then the chances of losses incurred are there; otherwise, pay per click advertising is a huge money generator for browsers who know the basic principles and fundamentals of pay per click advertising.
Advantages for those webmasters making use of pay per click advertising are multi-fold and this is the reason why webmasters indulge in it to popularize their products and websites. The major advantages are listed as follows:
1. Targeted traffic inflow: understanding how to get access to targeted traffic is the only requirement of all online marketers, as they must be fully aware that quality traffic is only going to make them earn revenues. Every webmaster wants to avoid the inflow of casual browsers as they know that these casual browsers will not really make them gain any profits; on the contrary, the casual browsers will only make them lose their revenue as well as reputation. With pay per click advertising, the greatest benefit is that there is only targeted traffic inflow as these advertisements are solely keyword based. Moreover, you can set your advertisement as per geographical location too (geo-targeting) thus ensuring that only the desired clients visit the website.
2. Monetary control: pay per click advertising gives you complete control over the money that you desire to spend on the advertisement. You can fix a daily budget, weekly budget or even a monthly budget and you do not need to exceed this for your advertisement. Actually, pay per advertising is economical if you keep a tab on your budget.
3. Advertisement control: with pay per click advertising, the other advantage is that you have complete control over the PPC ad and its performance. Whenever you notice that your ad is failing, you can always revise it and post a new advertisement.
4. Seasonal promotions: pay per click advertising is one sort of promotion that can be formatted for a particular season. For example, say it’s winter and an advertiser is keen on promoting sweaters. What will benefit him/her most is a targeted pay per click advertisement. Since pay per click ads get displayed on the top as well as sidebar of the search engine page, the visibility of these ads are exclusive.
5. Instant traffic: there are many advertising options that do get traffic but the traffic trickles slowly and the desired outcome can only be enjoyed after a month or so altogether. But this does not hold true in case of pay per click advertising, as this mode of promotion brings in instant traffic.
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In text ads: the newer version of contextual advertising

The conventional way of pay per click advertising has become passé as no more is the idea of an advertisement appearing on the side of search engine an option that works as expected. There is always a desire for something more that will draw instant attention. This is where contextual advertising becomes an interesting prospect and is a breath of fresh air for ad publishers.
Contextual advertising
Actually, contextual advertising is basically a form of pay per click advertising where the ads get displayed like banner ads or pop-ups on other websites that share the same keyword as the keywords used in your advertisement. Contextual advertising is supposedly a favorable way of advertising as it is considered a good way to source a targeted audience. The click rate as well as conversion rate are supposedly higher too. With contextual advertising, whenever people type a keyword on the search engine, they get to view your advertisement as well as the content of the website. With this mode of advertising there are dual benefits: not only does the publisher gains clicks, but the website publishing the ad gets traffic too.
In text ads
Where we are discussing contextual advertising, we cannot miss on in text ads. Now these ads are supposedly an advanced form of contextual advertising and are most preferred by webmasters across the globe. In text ads appear to be less pushy and more targeted than any other form of pay per click advertising. What happens here is that the keyword used by you and the publishing website is same and therefore the keyword becomes the source of advertisement. The keyword in the content of the website where you are publishing your contextual ad has a double underline as well as a bubble. So, whenever anybody moves the cursor on the keyword, the bubble gets displayed and there is precise information regarding the publisher as well as advertisement. If the viewers get impressed and interested by the information, then they can click on the bubble and go through your contextual advertisement. Similarly, if they are not interested then they can ignore it.
In text advertising is a preferred form of contextual advertising and nearly all webmasters who are looking out for high conversion are banking on it. Actually, for the publisher too, in text ads work wonders as they considerably reduce the risk of unwanted click, further saving revenue for the publisher. The added advantage is the higher conversion rate.
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Pay per click marketing: be wary of your competitors

The Internet is a huge platform that offers everybody an opportunity to showcase his/her talents and put their best foot forward where commercial success is concerned. While the opportunities are higher, so too is the level of competition among entrepreneurs in the same niche. In fact, the strive to succeed within each is so high that at times the competition takes the form of rivalry and things can get really dirty, leading to either of the websites getting banned. This competition can start at any level, but the most likely place where it becomes visible is the area of marketing strategy, and even more so in case of pay per click marketing.
Cause of rivalry
It is usually said that one person’s loss is another person’s gain and this is extremely relevant in the case of pay per click marketing. Actually, when the advertisement for a website starts doing fairly well, the clicks to the advertisements are far more than expected as is the conversion rate, then it poses a threat for other advertisements in the same niche. Now, while a few competitors might take this in the right spirit and work on their advertisement, others might not be able to. They might become aggressive and devise ways to ruin things for your campaign.
How do your rivals make your pay per click pay heavily for you?
If you know the basics of pay per click ads then you know very well that visitors come to your website through keyword search. Ideally, they click on your advertisement if they are convinced. Now each click to your advertisement is indicative of your ad’s success, and this is an indication of your success too. Now, your rivals too are aware of your pay per click marketing strategy and they are out there keeping close watch on it. So when they start observing that your ads are doing well, then they start strategizing ways to put you down. In case of pay per click marketing, the most common strategy is to generate fake clicks. Here’s how it works: your rivals create fake “ip” addresses and start using them to pose as visitors and click on your ads. They might also make use of paid visitors to click on your ads unnecessarily. Now you do get clicks here, but obviously there wouldn’t be any conversion. Added to it, you would need to pay for the clicks too. So basically the scenario is such that you pay for click and get nothing in return, and this might lead to heavy monetary loss as well as loss of reputation. There is also and increased chance that your pay per click marketing strategy will fail.
How to curb this menace?
Whenever you observe that you are getting a lot of clicks but there is no conversion happening, it’s time to get alarmed. Start observing the clicking pattern for your pay per click marketing and if the clicking act continues with no conversions happening then you need to trace out the source of the clicks. This can be done through the “ip” address. Whenever you note that the clicks are generated from the same “ip” address everyday then you know that there is something wrong and you need to report your findings to the search engine operators.
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PPC services: how much can you fool around?

When you see the term PPC services, you can be assured that webmaster’s success is just around the corner. Pay per click has superseded its own expectations where traffic generation is concerned. Why is this? The features of this promotional medium are such that instant viewership and search engine ranking are guaranteed. Now usually the guidelines for PPC services are very clear and specified. Nevertheless, there are many webmasters who, in quest of driving traffic, do not abide by the written rules and resort to false promotion options.
What are the basic cheating strategies?
Keyword: This is the first thing that occurs in a webmaster’s mind who wants to win traffic by hook or crook. Actually, there are keywords in every niche that are very popular and nearly all webmasters who feel that the keyword is strong enough will justify their product bid for it. However, there are other webmasters who just embark on the popularity of these keywords for nothing else; for them, the keyword is irrelevant. Instead, their whole idea for owning the keyword is to source a huge number of viewers; since these keywords are most used in search engines, there is automatically going to be a gain of viewership as well as clicks generated. For them, the whole idea is to drive the traffic to their PPC service and they divert traffic to their ad. At that point, it’s likely that the visitors will get interested in whatever they have for offer.
Content contradiction: Sometimes the PPC services provided by many webmasters are such that they completely defy the concept of pay per click advertising. These webmasters come up with the most alluring and impressive title that instantly generates a click on the link of the advertisement. However, when visitors get to view the advertisement, then they experience nothing more than disappointment. Actually, all visitors visit an advertisement because they are interested in the specific product and information. However, if the title promises one thing and the content defies it completely, then definitely visitors are going to get repelled and they are going to shy away from relying on the PPC services of such ventures.
Landing page default: Another common mistake is misappropriation of the landing page and this is something that not only makes your PPC services prove futile but also makes visitors avoid your website and advertisement forever. Basically, again the common mistake that webmasters make is to put too much irrelevant information in the advertisement in hopes of filling the visitors with all their achievements and aspirations. In this case, the landing page loses all importance as the information that was promised is nowhere to be traced. People have to hunt out the information from the maze of information overload.
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Pay per click: mistakes that make us pay heavily

Pay per click advertisement has gained popularity because it is highly targeted in nature and the viewer count is also estimated to be fairly high. With pay per click it is usually observed that the conversion rate is higher than other promotional options, and there is the benefit of instant traffic gain. However, casual though it may sound, even this mode of promotion is not devoid of mistakes and these mistakes are such that make any webmaster (making use of this promotion option) is at risk to lose revenue big time.
It is always advised that before jumping full force into any advertising option it is always better to first learn from the mistakes of other webmasters who have made use of the technique and suffered losses. Basically, you need to learn from other people’s mistakes. Now with PPC advertising, there are certain factors that are considered pitfalls and should be given special attention. So what exactly are these mistakes?
Well, the most common mistake that nearly all webmasters make is not working around the keyword and the landing page. Actually, your keyword is the key to your targeted traffic and most of the webmasters making use of pay per click campaign fail to realize the importance of this. Whenever there is a wrong choice of keyword, then definitely the impact of the advertisement is not as pronounced. This is because the keyword is not justifying the product. The keyword selection is equally significant for the landing page, as your landing page is viewed by targeted visitors who make use of specific keywords to get there. Basically, if your landing page does not justify the keyword then definitely the traffic that you do get is going to get diverted somewhere else and your pay per click advertisement will not be fruitful for you.
Having an improper landing page is also a major area of concern and cause of failure for many pay per click advertisements. Actually, people usually have confusion over home page and landing page and actually divert the traffic generated through homepage assuming that it’s your landing page. However try to distinguish between the two; remember, your homepage is the introductory medium of your website and does not contain any specific information related to the keyword. Landing page on the other hand is more specific in nature and does contain information related to the keyword, thus making it the targeted area for viewers making use of pay per click to seek information. Also while working on the landing page, many webmasters try to gather irrelevant information there. In other words, it is nowhere close to the keyword and this is not a good sign. It is understandable that as a webmaster one is trying to inform their visitors with all the goods about his organization, however it does not work that way. Therefore, the recommendation is to always be as close to the keyword as possible.
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Cost per click advertising: how to best work this option

Undeniably, promotion is an important aspect of internet marketing and something that all webmasters need to indulge in. There are various methods of promotion that webmasters incorporate for promotion of their websites, however one option that does not fail is cost per click advertising. This option has worked in favor of many webmasters and most of them have minted millions using this promotional option. However, if you desire instant success through this option then you need to tread very carefully around cost per click advertising.
Essentials of cost per click advertising:
Cost per click advertising does not survive solely on search engine placement, although the ad does need strong search engine ranking and high visibility on the top pages of the search engine. Also, definitely the content and keywords do have an impact on cost per click advertising and its popularity, but what if your ad is not targeted to the right people at the right place?
Actually, establishing geo targeting is a very essential step while working on cost per click advertising. Geo targeting basically refers to targeting an advertisement towards buyers of a particular place. Now you must be wondering how this factor came into consideration while designing cost per click advertisement. Well, the fact remains that you as a webmaster and online marketer are targeting a certain category of clients and also clients from around your place of operation. For example, if you are a resident of the USA then your ad should be meant for people in that nation only. Furthermore, if you are a small enterprise operating in a certain state, then do not think of targeting beyond that state. Why is this so? This is because you know very well what these target prospects desire and you have actually modified your product around this information. Now, if you do not pay heed to geo targeting and place your ad not specifying the target, then definitely the clicks that you get are not going to get converted at all. In fact, all the clicks that you get will very likely not count and might even lead to your ad getting banned.
Geo-targeting makes the promotion of your ad very easy and targeted for cost per click advertising. The clicks generated definitely display higher ROI as the expected conversion is going to be significantly higher than expected–a definite sign of success.
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Pay per click advertisement: how do you avoid failure?

Pay per click advertisement is supposedly a more assured means of gaining traffic to your website and is also more economical than a lot of other advertisement options. However, for some people this mode of advertising does not work well at all. The reasons for this are varied. It could be that the ad is lacking in content, has a wrong keyword or has false claims in content. Perhaps the ad simply has the wrong placement. Reasons for failures could be many; however, in this game you are the only one who truly loses.
There are a multitude of options to avoid failure for your pay per click advertisement; however the major solutions are as follows:
Keyword: Experts suggest that choosing the most suited keyword for your pay per click advertisement is the most convenient and appropriate way of gaining traffic to a website. However, have you figured out the costing behind it? Actually, not all “most-suited keywords” fall in the most economical category. While negotiating for a keyword, you have to keep in mind the fact that the conversion rate is going to be only 5% tentatively, and if this is the case then you cannot afford to invest too heavily on the expensive keywords. Always remember that there are cheaper options available and making use of them may be a better idea.
Content: Often in the quest of gaining instant traffic, webmasters load their pay per click advertisement with too many false claims. They might think that this is the best way to direct traffic in bulk to their websites. Be warned! This technique mostly backfires and leaves the website with a bad reputation and no traffic at all. Also, in the worst case scenario, the pay per click for the website gets banned for life. So knowing this, what do you think is the right option to avoid a scenario like this and also to get traffic in abundance? Well, to be honest, lies never pay and the same holds true in this case too. Your advertisement should actually reflect what you can do and not something you can’t. Make it genuine and informative for viewers to get enticed to visit your website. They should think you’re holding more information than they see and want to know more. Also, your landing page here counts a lot as any mistake will work against you.
Landing page: All pay per click advertisements are representing one website or another and that is why they cannot be dissociated with any aspect of the website. Actually, all pay per click advertisements lead to the landing page of the website and therefore working on your landing page becomes extremely essential. Firstly, your landing page should be exceptionally informative, and secondly should link to all the other pages. Finally, it should be easy to navigate.
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Does hiring paid users by a “Pay Per Click Company” always turn out to be a raw deal?

Pay per click is an ideal example of modern day advertising and is responsible for the success of many ventures that are trying to foray successfully into the commercial world through e-retailing. Pay per click has gained so much popularity in the past few years that now every enterprise regardless of size is resorting to using it. This scenario has led to lot of competition and has left online marketers with no other option but to hire the services of a professional Pay Per Click Company that will create the best results for the pay per click ad.
Pay per click companies can be divided into two categories; ones that will work on your advertisement and try to lure the users through exemplary ad presentation, and ones that will work on your ad and at the same time send paid visitors to your website. Now let’s delve in the latter category and try to analyze whether such pay per click companies turn out to be profitable for you or not.
Paid users by Pay Per Click Company
Actually, for any online visitor there is nothing better than surfing the net for fun and information and also getting paid for it. If you think about practically, around 80% of surfers would not miss an opportunity like this! Who wouldn’t want to get paid to visit sites? However there are certain stipulations for hiring these visitors; will they be subscribed certain websites by a pay per click company for clicking? For each website, does the user have to stay for a certain time on the pay per click advertisement to convert their presence into clicks for the advertisement? When these clicks are generated, the website owner will pay a certain amount to the pay per click company.
On the surface this whole scenario appears very simple, but for any pay per click ad not all categories of users will work for them. That is why it becomes essential to ascertain what category of users your pay per click company is sending to your website. Actually, there are pay per click companies that offer a very comfortable deal for a webmaster trying to promote through pay per click ads. However, the reality is that most of them in quest of earning faster and assured revenues make use of any user. In other words, whether the user is interested in that niche and product or not is not important to them. In this bargain, the website that needs promotion ends up with fake hits and not actually gains, as the conversion here would be next to nothing.
However, not all pay per click companies provide fake hits and there are quite a few that have gained fame for providing real hits. In fact, these ventures choose users who are interested in a niche and send them to their desired website. This is a win-win and profitable deal for the pay per click company, the website that needs promotion and the users too. The users get money for clicking and also get to view websites that interest them. If they find the content of the website relevant, then they register to it too. For websites, the ads get definite and targeted clicks and the pay per click company gets its revenues.
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Reasonable considerations for choosing the right pay per click agency

Promotional measures are the basis of both an organization’s success or its failure. Therefore, nearly all marketers, be it from the virtual world or the commodity market, invest considerable time, money and effort into their promotions. Where the virtual (aka “web world”) is concerned, the competition level is extremely high as there are entrepreneurs from all walk of life with variable budgets striving to make it big through this huge platform. The internet not only promises higher clientele inflow, but also assures negligible investment to launch into a campaign. Online marketing also provides options for various promotional activities that can be adhered to to secure a successful business future. Some of these promotional measures suffice long-term goals while others are for short term benefits. Additionally, there are also other means that start on a short-term gain basis but end up building a base for long-term benefits. One such option is PPC advertising. Nevertheless, keep in mind that PPC advertising desires the utmost specifications which need to be catered to for a successful campaign. That is why online experts recommend outsourcing the PPC campaign activity to a pay per click agency.
Basis of choosing a pay per click agency:
Not all pay per click agencies mentioned online have commendable credentials; in fact, there are quite a few that actually practice unethical means of generating clicks, such as fake clicks etc. This scenario is not really favorable, as you might be fined for indulging in such actions, and in the worst case scenario your ad might be banned for life. Therefore, before embarking on the services of a pay per click agency, it is always better to do some research and establish a few facts:
•All pay per click agencies carry a profile about their venture, achievements, future endeavors and other aspects about their business. You need to first go through the profile before anything else. Since most of these ventures also have an online existence, it makes it convenient to check on them. Apart from that, you can also cross check with ventures that these agencies claim to have helped in their PPC campaign and gauge their current success.
•If a pay per click agency is fairly new and does not carry much in name of achievements or profile but works within the budget, then you can hire them on a temporary basis and see if the ad created actually leads to any clicks.
•Any pay per click agency should be able to design the ad as per your requirement and therefore it becomes essential for you to explain your goals and expectations with clarity. On the other hand, the agency that you hire should also be able to decipher what exactly you want and then proceed to create something as per your specification. Your agency should always be able to provide a rough draft for your approval before wholeheartedly going into advertisement.
•There should be clear categorization between the different departments of your pay per click agency for better ad designing. Actually, there are pay per click agencies that have different departments dedicated to different causes like search engine optimization, graphic designing, content writing, banner designing etc. Such agencies are more professional in approach and are definitely a good bet.
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Why should companies consider online advertising PPC?

The success of any commercial venture is solely based on the sales generated; low sales are indicative of loss while high sales automatically indicate the success of an enterprise. Knowing these facts, all commercial enterprises around the globe dedicate time, effort and resources to stay ahead of their competitors in the rat race. There are many options available to really make it in today’s business world, however the mantra for today’s success is: how to grow profits for your venture through the creation of a website. Nevertheless, the online quest is not so easy and requires from strategic thinking. For a business to get noticed, major promotion is required. While what promotions to use are being considered from among the numerous options available for ensuring a profitable journey, one viable one is “online advertising PPC”.
Why should companies consider online advertising PPC?
Internet is one avenue that offers a bundle of choice for online marketers as well as viewers; this fact stands true in the case of online promotional tools too. Nevertheless, the most profitable tool today that truly stands out is online advertising PPC. This form of marketing is recommended for commercial ventures as there are many advantages attached that most of the other promotional tools fail simply fail to provide.
Advantages of online advertising PPC:
•Article submission is considered a reliable means of gaining traffic, however this is a supposedly slower process of traffic generation which can often take months before an online website actually starts getting traffic. Forget getting the desired amount of traffic, as this will again take far too much time and the effort required is immense. However, with online advertising PPC the traffic gain is instantaneous and the only effort required is to launch your online advertising PPC.
•Another beneficial factor regarding online advertising PPC is that this mode of promotion puts the website promotional ad instantly on the search engine. Since all PPC ads are actually a product of a search engine, the ad will definitely get a display on the top or on the side bar of the search engine. This instantly brings the advertisement into full view for people browsing the net and making use of search engine to gather information.
•Online advertising PPC also benefits search engine ranking for a website because whenever people click on the link of the advertisement, they get to view the link of the website displayed there too. They will definitely click on that link and every click at that spot improves the search engine ranking of the website.

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