Pay per click advertisement: how do you avoid failure?

This post was written by admin on January 16, 2012
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Pay per click advertisement is supposedly a more assured means of gaining traffic to your website and is also more economical than a lot of other advertisement options. However, for some people this mode of advertising does not work well at all. The reasons for this are varied. It could be that the ad is lacking in content, has a wrong keyword or has false claims in content. Perhaps the ad simply has the wrong placement. Reasons for failures could be many; however, in this game you are the only one who truly loses.
There are a multitude of options to avoid failure for your pay per click advertisement; however the major solutions are as follows:
Keyword: Experts suggest that choosing the most suited keyword for your pay per click advertisement is the most convenient and appropriate way of gaining traffic to a website. However, have you figured out the costing behind it? Actually, not all “most-suited keywords” fall in the most economical category. While negotiating for a keyword, you have to keep in mind the fact that the conversion rate is going to be only 5% tentatively, and if this is the case then you cannot afford to invest too heavily on the expensive keywords. Always remember that there are cheaper options available and making use of them may be a better idea.
Content: Often in the quest of gaining instant traffic, webmasters load their pay per click advertisement with too many false claims. They might think that this is the best way to direct traffic in bulk to their websites. Be warned! This technique mostly backfires and leaves the website with a bad reputation and no traffic at all. Also, in the worst case scenario, the pay per click for the website gets banned for life. So knowing this, what do you think is the right option to avoid a scenario like this and also to get traffic in abundance? Well, to be honest, lies never pay and the same holds true in this case too. Your advertisement should actually reflect what you can do and not something you can’t. Make it genuine and informative for viewers to get enticed to visit your website. They should think you’re holding more information than they see and want to know more. Also, your landing page here counts a lot as any mistake will work against you.
Landing page: All pay per click advertisements are representing one website or another and that is why they cannot be dissociated with any aspect of the website. Actually, all pay per click advertisements lead to the landing page of the website and therefore working on your landing page becomes extremely essential. Firstly, your landing page should be exceptionally informative, and secondly should link to all the other pages. Finally, it should be easy to navigate.
All these tips regarding pay per click advertisement and avoiding failure are vital and should be pondered upon. For more on this subject, log onto

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