Pay per click marketing: be wary of your competitors

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The Internet is a huge platform that offers everybody an opportunity to showcase his/her talents and put their best foot forward where commercial success is concerned. While the opportunities are higher, so too is the level of competition among entrepreneurs in the same niche. In fact, the strive to succeed within each is so high that at times the competition takes the form of rivalry and things can get really dirty, leading to either of the websites getting banned. This competition can start at any level, but the most likely place where it becomes visible is the area of marketing strategy, and even more so in case of pay per click marketing.
Cause of rivalry
It is usually said that one person’s loss is another person’s gain and this is extremely relevant in the case of pay per click marketing. Actually, when the advertisement for a website starts doing fairly well, the clicks to the advertisements are far more than expected as is the conversion rate, then it poses a threat for other advertisements in the same niche. Now, while a few competitors might take this in the right spirit and work on their advertisement, others might not be able to. They might become aggressive and devise ways to ruin things for your campaign.
How do your rivals make your pay per click pay heavily for you?
If you know the basics of pay per click ads then you know very well that visitors come to your website through keyword search. Ideally, they click on your advertisement if they are convinced. Now each click to your advertisement is indicative of your ad’s success, and this is an indication of your success too. Now, your rivals too are aware of your pay per click marketing strategy and they are out there keeping close watch on it. So when they start observing that your ads are doing well, then they start strategizing ways to put you down. In case of pay per click marketing, the most common strategy is to generate fake clicks. Here’s how it works: your rivals create fake “ip” addresses and start using them to pose as visitors and click on your ads. They might also make use of paid visitors to click on your ads unnecessarily. Now you do get clicks here, but obviously there wouldn’t be any conversion. Added to it, you would need to pay for the clicks too. So basically the scenario is such that you pay for click and get nothing in return, and this might lead to heavy monetary loss as well as loss of reputation. There is also and increased chance that your pay per click marketing strategy will fail.
How to curb this menace?
Whenever you observe that you are getting a lot of clicks but there is no conversion happening, it’s time to get alarmed. Start observing the clicking pattern for your pay per click marketing and if the clicking act continues with no conversions happening then you need to trace out the source of the clicks. This can be done through the “ip” address. Whenever you note that the clicks are generated from the same “ip” address everyday then you know that there is something wrong and you need to report your findings to the search engine operators.
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