Pay per click: mistakes that make us pay heavily

This post was written by admin on January 18, 2012
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Pay per click advertisement has gained popularity because it is highly targeted in nature and the viewer count is also estimated to be fairly high. With pay per click it is usually observed that the conversion rate is higher than other promotional options, and there is the benefit of instant traffic gain. However, casual though it may sound, even this mode of promotion is not devoid of mistakes and these mistakes are such that make any webmaster (making use of this promotion option) is at risk to lose revenue big time.
It is always advised that before jumping full force into any advertising option it is always better to first learn from the mistakes of other webmasters who have made use of the technique and suffered losses. Basically, you need to learn from other people’s mistakes. Now with PPC advertising, there are certain factors that are considered pitfalls and should be given special attention. So what exactly are these mistakes?
Well, the most common mistake that nearly all webmasters make is not working around the keyword and the landing page. Actually, your keyword is the key to your targeted traffic and most of the webmasters making use of pay per click campaign fail to realize the importance of this. Whenever there is a wrong choice of keyword, then definitely the impact of the advertisement is not as pronounced. This is because the keyword is not justifying the product. The keyword selection is equally significant for the landing page, as your landing page is viewed by targeted visitors who make use of specific keywords to get there. Basically, if your landing page does not justify the keyword then definitely the traffic that you do get is going to get diverted somewhere else and your pay per click advertisement will not be fruitful for you.
Having an improper landing page is also a major area of concern and cause of failure for many pay per click advertisements. Actually, people usually have confusion over home page and landing page and actually divert the traffic generated through homepage assuming that it’s your landing page. However try to distinguish between the two; remember, your homepage is the introductory medium of your website and does not contain any specific information related to the keyword. Landing page on the other hand is more specific in nature and does contain information related to the keyword, thus making it the targeted area for viewers making use of pay per click to seek information. Also while working on the landing page, many webmasters try to gather irrelevant information there. In other words, it is nowhere close to the keyword and this is not a good sign. It is understandable that as a webmaster one is trying to inform their visitors with all the goods about his organization, however it does not work that way. Therefore, the recommendation is to always be as close to the keyword as possible.
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