In text ads: the newer version of contextual advertising

The conventional way of pay per click advertising has become passé as no more is the idea of an advertisement appearing on the side of search engine an option that works as expected. There is always a desire for something more that will draw instant attention. This is where contextual advertising becomes an interesting prospect [...]

Why should companies consider online advertising PPC?

The success of any commercial venture is solely based on the sales generated; low sales are indicative of loss while high sales automatically indicate the success of an enterprise. Knowing these facts, all commercial enterprises around the globe dedicate time, effort and resources to stay ahead of their competitors in the rat race. There are [...]

Pay per click price – make every click worthy

Online promotion is the new age fundamental for entrepreneurs across the globe as internet is one platform that proffers international platform to launch a product as well as expand an enterprise. Online promotion comes in various forms; however, one option that stands apart from others and is responsible for instant traffic gain for webmasters is [...]