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Frequently asked questions:

Do the banner and text ads have the same rate?
Yes we charge 2 cents per click for both ad formats.

When will I be asked to choose the number of clicks?
You will be asked how many clicks you want to buy on the next page.

When will I receive my login information to check my stats?
You will receive the activation email with your login information as soon as this page is submitted.

Will you share my email address?
We will never share or sell your email address. We may however send you promotional offers on a monthly basis from


Which country do you want to target for your PPC campaign?
Which category would you like to target for your PPC campaign?
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Please enter the list of keywords for your PPC campaign.
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You ad will be displayed on websites that include the keywords you have listed above. Your website will be displayed on any website listed in the category you have chosen if no keyword is specified.
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Supported image types:

Formats: gif, jpg, png (The size of your banner does not change the PPC rate)
300 x 50 Mobile leaderboard
468 x 60 Banner
728 x 90 Leaderboard
250 x 250 Square
200 x 200 Small square
336 x 280 Large rectangle
300 x 250 Inline rectangle
120 x 600 Skyscraper
160 x 600 Wide skyscraper
Please upload your GIF/JPG/PNG formatted image ad (Up to 750kb). If you experience any problem, please leave it empty and continue with the registration by clicking on the SIGN UP button.
Please enter the URL of your website and click on the TEST URL button. does not allow URLS that include any of the following materials.

  • Popup/Pop-under windows.
  • Frame breaking scripts.
  • Hidden Frames.
  • Forced javascript messages.
  • Single page websites.
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